Not only can we tell you where and when your fish was caught, but usually on which boat and by whom.

Sustainable catch

Fishing has been central to Weymouth's economy and culture for generations. Today, the majority of the town's fleet are small day boats, single handed, owner operated, fishing the inshore waters with lines, nets and pots – recognised as the most sustainable fishing methods, producing very little by-catch or discards. As many as 30 small boats land their daily catch downstairs at Weyfish, including the business' own vessel, Weyfish One.

As well as the daily catch, our investment in Jurassic Sea Farms, a pioneering aquaculture project just a stone's skim down the coast, inspires dishes showcasing locally raised mussels and oysters, alongside seasonally selected ingredients from Dorset growers and producers, all based close to Weymouth.

Sustainable kitchen

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the environment as well as the menu. Greener heating systems currently allow us to save over 6.5 tonnes of CO2 every year. Our partnerships with local Dorset producers minimise miles, and we’re working towards zero food waste, with even discarded crab and lobster shells recycled as organic fertiliser for local farms.

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