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Catch, Weymouth: I'm happy to offer the opinion it was bloody gorgeous

DATE: 03.01.2022

At Catch, they’re serving fish landed at their door by local boats, and they’re doing it brilliantly. The food is as creative and sharply executed... it is served with precision, but with hospitable warmth.

Taking Orders: Catch at the Old Fish Market

DATE: 15.02.2022

Foodie heaven. Wonderful, delicious, hyper-local food served with the sort of flair and attention to detail that you would expect to find at a London hot spot.

Catch at the Old Fish Market

DATE: 15.03.2022

When a seafood restaurant is on a quay, you can be sure the fish is going to be fresh... The kitchen works with calm efficiency to create memorable dishes.

Why Weymouth is better than my hometown St Ives

DATE: 03.11.2021

On my first night I ate at Catch… at the Old Fish Market, overlooking the harbour, and led by the chef Mike Naidoo… it serves elegant, confident dishes using produce straight off the boat.

Catch at the Old Fish Market, Weymouth

DATE: 21.01.2022

It’s likely going to establish itself as one of Dorset’s most coveted restaurants… all the touches that one expects from fine dining without any of the unnecessary stuffiness or eye-watering prices.

Susan Calman’s Grand Week at the Sea

DATE: 03.08.2022

Now you see that…that is unbelievably delicious.

Five new restaurants to make you feel like you’re abroad this summer

DATE: 23.07.2021

If you’re missing those beautiful Mediterranean meals where your seafood’s origin can be spotted minutes away up the coast, then take a trip to Catch at the Old Fish Market.

Weymouth restaurant wins Michelin Guide accolade

DATE: 05.12.2021

The Michelin Guide, which highlights restaurants based on a particularly outstanding feature, dubs the seafood restaurant as "lovely", serving "memorable dishes".

Bitesized: Mike Naidoo

DATE: 10.03.2022

Opening my own restaurant wasn’t a checklist thing I wanted to get done by a certain age: I was waiting for the right time and place to make a move.

Menuwatch: Catch at the Old Fish Market, Weymouth

DATE: 27.04.2022

An idyllic spot near Weymouth's harbour is home to a "simple and clean" fish-focused menu celebrating a catch hauled in just a few feet away.

Weyfish: a traditional harbourside fishmonger

DATE: 15.11.2021

Directly below Catch at the Old Fish Market, and part of the same quayside family of businesses, you'll find Weyfish; for over 30 years Weymouth's traditional harbourside fishmonger.

Weymouth’s top 10 sustainable fish & shellfish

DATE: 17.11.2021

The fishing industry has been central to Weymouth's economy for generations. An incredible source of fresh fish and shellfish for a restaurant like Catch.

‘Sea to plate’ and ‘field to fork’ at its very best

DATE: 14.10.2022

A wonderfully clear ethos; incredible, ingredient-led food with sustainability at the heart. A mission statement on which it unquestionably delivers… There is no greenwashing here just incredible flavours and a warm reception.

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